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Green Point offers seeds, seed starts, and clones for sale throughout the Southeast. Green Point genetics have associated Certificates of Analyses (COAs) detailing cannabinoid content of the plants. Produced at our nursery in Florida, Green Point seeds, seed starts, and clones will come with a guaranteed germination and feminization rate of at least 99%.

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High quality bulk cannabinoids from your trusted source are available now. Our current selection of bulk cannabinoids includes the following:

Delta-8 THC Clear, Delta-8 THC Gold, Delta-8 THC Amber, THC-P, HHC, HHC-O, HHC-P, and others.

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Field Prep Service


Multi Service Prep
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Lab flask

(Extraction & Refining)

Hemp Processing

Like many other commodities, hemp must be processed before it can be commercialized. Cannabinoids are heavily concentrated in the hemp’s flower, and those flowers must undergo extraction. This process requires specialized expertise, process, and equipment to properly and safely provide bulk cannabinoid isolates, distillates, and other products.

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