Craig Roth (Sunshine), Light Townsend (GPR), Jordan Pace (GPR), and David Hasenauer (GPR) meet at Sunshine Growers

GPR Purchases Sunshine Growers Facility to Establish One of the Largest Hemp-Dedicated Nurseries

October 2, 2019 — Fort Lauderdale, FL — Green Point Research (GPR) finalizes its purchase of Sunshine Growers, a 30-acre nursery in Fort Meade, Florida, creating one of the largest hemp-dedicated nurseries in the United States.

“We plan to move our seed production from Colorado into Florida, creating new jobs in the agricultural sector,” said David Hasenauer, CEO of Green Point Research. “Our new facility will serve a vital role in the Florida hemp industry, providing Green Point’s proprietary genetics as seedling trays to hemp farmers throughout the state; thus, significantly reducing their worries about germination or feminization rates.”

Sunshine Growers Fort Meade property was previously owned for over a decade by Craig Roth, and the official sale was finalized on September 27, 2019. While GPR is taking control of the property, Craig Roth will remain a key part of the operational management, leasing back a portion of it to allow Sunshine Growers the ability to continue growing flowers, vegetables, and outdoor plants. He noted, “After 33 years in business and nearly 13 years at the current location, we are excited for GPR to expand its agricultural reach by purchasing our turnkey facility to grow hemp starter plants to help farmers pivot to this new industry.”

The new facility has over 500,000 square feet of existing greenhouse and shade house that GPR will use to grow hemp. The rest of the property is irrigated with both drip and overhead sprinklers that will be used in the future for future expansion.

“Hemp plants are the way of the future,” said David Hasenauer, CEO of Green Point Research. “Our research has proven hemp to be a viable, sustainable, and cost-effective crop for Florida. We intend to use our expertise in growing and producing hemp to help our farmers thrive and positively impact the economic development of our communities.”

David Hasenauer, Jordan Pace, and Light Townsend co-founded Green Point Research in 2016 with the goal of becoming the largest low-cost cultivator and processor of hemp biomass in the United States. GPR has launched several initiatives with hemp in Florida including an Industrial Hemp Pilot Project with the University of Florida and its Farmers First program which helps farms join this exciting new industry. This acquisition is the next step for GPR as it continues vertical integration throughout the hemp supply chain.

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