Over 150,000 pounds of dried biomass was shipped out of Green Point’s Jasper facility during the Fall 2020 harvest season. The company projects a significant increase in drying and shipping during the Fall 2021 harvest season.

May 19, 2021 – Jasper, Florida – Green Point Hemp (Green Point), an international phytocannabinoid-rich biomass originator and processor, expands its Hamilton County infrastructure and capabilities with the addition of equipment, products, and people. Recently, the company completed a phase of its Cannabis Center of Excellence (CCoE) facility renovation that includes the refurbishment of a portion of the building that houses its newly installed extraction and distillation equipment. New equipment and infrastructure added in 2021 aids the company’s launch of new product and service offerings, further solidifying its ability to serve hemp farmers with all their needs from seed to sale and adding to the collective economic impact of the headquarters relocation. Newly launched product lines and business growth have also catalyzed Green Point’s local hiring and staff relocation actions.

In 2020, the company was Florida’s largest hemp cultivator, boasting the State’s LARGEST legal hemp harvest in history, and most of its crop was grown locally! Its fall multi-day, 110-acre harvest in Hamilton County reaped over 500,000 hemp plants and garnered strong positive attention from State officials and media outlets such as AgNet Media, Fox Business News, and others. Once hemp is harvested, it needs to be dried before it can be sold. Late last year, Green Point added drying capabilities to its Jasper, Florida facility. In its first year, nearly a million plants were dried, resulting in over 150,000 pounds of dried biomass that was shipped out from the facility to Southeast customers. The new extraction equipment set up in the last few weeks at CCoE allows the company onsite extraction and refining of valuable cannabinoid oils such as CBD, CBG, CBN, and others from dried hemp. The addition of this capability saves valuable time and money for the company and provides more local economic benefits. Instead of paying for costly transportation to take Fresh From Florida hemp out of state, farmers can now get these services right here in Jasper. This new capability opens new economic development opportunities for the county as the company’s customer base broadens to serve manufacturers and brands looking to white label products.

With a thriving legal hemp-derived cannabis market in Florida and the new Hamilton County capabilities, the company has also launched another consumer brand, The Gram Co.  All five of the new hemp-derived Delta 8 products the company has produced have been manufactured in Hamilton County. Over 1,000 people, including high-value investors, national media, and technology influencers, attended the official brand launch event. During Green Point CEO David Hasenauer’s official remarks at the event, Florida’s booming technology sector and culture of innovation were lauded as drivers for the company’s successful launch. Hamilton County’s centuries-old history of agricultural excellence, commitment to business growth, and the CCoE’s Qualified Opportunity Zone location were all also praised by Hasenauer. “Florida’s collective innovation, technology, and economic development growth assets are second to none. There is no better place in the country to launch a quality cannabis brand that uniquely leverages the Sunshine State’s collective infrastructure, economic, and human capital assets to satisfy the rapidly growing consumer demand for legal cannabis,” stated Hasenauer.

As word of Green Point’s capabilities in North Florida has spread, the company has hosted numerous visits from agriculture leaders, investors, elected officials, media partners, and manufacturers. Visitors are now welcomed to the campus by Melissa Capps, the company’s newest hire and a long-time Hamilton County resident. Green Point employee, Alec Libby, was the first employee to officially relocate to the area in 2020. In addition to serving a valuable production and operations role, he also provided important daily feedback about the local hardware shops and restaurant scene. Green Point’s executives and staff are now regulars at Mama’s Burgers and Jasper Hardware & Supply Co. The recent expansion and product lines have created a need for several new roles, including at least two production assistants, Jasper-based positions being advertised now.

Holly Bell, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ (FDACS) director of Cannabis has visited the Hamilton County site twice in the last few months to view the large-scale operations and speak with the executive team about best practices that helped drive the successful milestone harvest and cannabis campus-scale up. “Florida has a unique advantage to grow hemp because of the superior climate and the strength of the existing specialty crop market. The Sunshine State’s diverse and robust agriculture supply chain is driven by farmers accustomed to making the type of adaptations needed to stabilize different crops, including nascent crops such as hemp,” said Director of Cannabis for FDACS, Holly Bell. “It was an honor to be a part of the State’s largest hemp harvest in decades and the opening of its Cannabis Center of Excellence to see first-hand the quality results of Green Point Research’s hard work, innovation, and close collaboration with our team and its research and development partners.”

Green Point aims to utilize the entire hemp plant within its operation as innovation and scale in the industry continue to increase. While the bulk of the cannabinoids are found in the harvested flowers, the whole plant is being harvested and processed for CBD crude oil, distillate, and isolate to maximize cannabinoid yield. The hemp fiber and biomass leftover from the extraction process will be used in various industries, including agriculture, industrial, and manufacturing.

The U.S. is one of the global leaders in hemp cultivation, and this significant investment and scales up by Green Point Research in Florida is an exemplar of the nation’s efforts to increase domestic sourcing of the crop and associated manufacturing.

About Green Point Research

Green Point Hemp (GPH) is a vertically integrated phytocannabinoid-rich biomass originator and processor founded in 2016. GPH controls its supply chain from seed to processing bulk cannabinoids for business-to-business sale. Satividol, GPH’s consumer brand, offers high-quality CBD products currently as softgels and topical creams. Contact Green Point Research at 954-500-HEMP to learn more about the Green Point Method™ and how to purchase hemp seeds, seed starts, and clones. For more information, please visit www.greenpointhemp.com.