David Hasenauer featured on Elevate Your Grind Podcast discussing delta-8 as a beta test for legalization

August 30, 2021 – Jasper, Florida –  Green Point Hemp (Green Point),  is featured in a Cannabis LAB (Legal, Accounting, Business) interview this month. Todd Rosales with Elevate Your Grind, spoke with Green Point’s CEO, David Hasenauer in a 50 minute video podcast interview. In the segment, Hasenauer noted the recent growth of hemp derived cannabinoids such as delta-8. and highlighted significant growth opportunity for the industry as additional cannabinoids are discovered, grown, and processed. Opinions about delta-8 vary, and are often driven by limited information.

The conversation began with Todd’s confession that while he was once very opposed to delta-8, he’s now fully in favor of the newly discovered cannabinoid. Part of his shift in opinion is driven by the new information and research available from industry experts, including from David Hasenauer, a hemp entrepreneur and cannabis policy expert.

In the first year of Florida’s commercial program in 2020, Green Point Research cultivated 60% of the hemp in Florida. The company is a vertically integrated biomass producer and processor. Now the company is integrating into the supply chain further with the development of a new cannabinoid brand, GramCo. Last year, the business opened its 52,000 square foot Cannabis Center of Excellence (CCoE) in Hamilton County, Florida. This acquisition came with some economic incentives that allowed the company to adapt its business model to expand beyond the current large agricultural grower and into the consumer product space.

“It was really unique timing with the current market opportunity leading the way into Cannabis 3.0,” stated Hasenauer. “While most companies rushed to find hemp to make CBD, we took a different approach. There’s an entire supply chain of opportunity for hemp, its derived cannabinoids, and an overall approach to more fully serve the needs for the hemp space. For example, there are waste streams of spent biomass- the black that comes off the first phase of cannabis extraction. There’s a lot of protein still in there. It could be used for plant burgers, etc.

We take a cannabinoid-agnostic approach. A fully mature market may be comprised of over 50% isolated product and agricultural supply chain. The crop needs to flourish to become what everyone needs it to be. Cannabis is great now because the margins are excellent. It’s not only about making a profit, but also helping the environment and creating more sustainability by using all the products.”

One cannabinoid that has received significant attention in 2021 is delta-8. In early 2021, the New York Times called it “the most sought after cannabinoid of the year”.  “Delta-8 is an excellent beta test for cannabis legalization,” said Hasenauer. “The infrastructure being developed now can help support a proactive, quality test case for cannabis legalization.”

Watch the full interview here. Elevate Your Grind is operated by CannabisLAB in Florida.