CEO David Hasenauer

July 30, 2021 – Jasper, Florida – Green Point Hemp (Green Point), is featured in a WFSU interview this week. Robbie Gaffney with WFSU, spoke with Florida Big Bend area hemp stakeholders. In the segment, David Hasenauer, Green Point CEO, highlighted the significant growth opportunity for the industry as additional cannabinoids are discovered, grown, and processed.

“We’ve really seen only the development of the CBD cannabinoid side of the business,” said Hasenauer. “There’s still significant opportunity for other areas of the hemp industry, from other cannabinoids like CBG and CBN, to the fiber side of the business”.

Green Point Research has already adapted some of its equipment to be multipurpose for use in those fields. Additionally, the company has an interest in acquiring a decortication facility to offer hemp fiber processing capabilities to farmers in the future.

Appalachee Regional Planning Council, which services counties in Florida’s Big Bend, seeks to attract a processing plant to convert hemp into fiber, but noted the demand must be there first. All stakeholders agree that education is important to advance the industry.

Graham and Kelsi Hartsfield owners of Double H Hemp, a small hemp farm in Tallahassee, and Melissa Franklin with the Apalachee Regional Planning Council, also contributed to this story.

Read the full article and hear the WFSU interview here. WFSU is the public radio station operated by Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida,