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We are excited!

Green Point Research has received the official approval of cultivars in its Sunshine Series! Learn more about cultivars including Fountain of Youth, a CBG strain, and Emerald Flower, a CBD strain, available for purchase now in our Seed Catalog. Plant with pride by knowing you are purchasing genetics that are legal to purchase, grow, and harvest!

We aim to serve as a partner to farmers and can provide services such as drying, co-marketing, and hemp farming consulting to ensure our cultivation partners are successful. Even if you don’t have plants in the ground, it’s never too early to think about drying.

Pricing is very competitive to help our farmers get started in this growing business.

Seeds: $0.50-$1.00*

Seed Starts: $1.00-$2.00*

Clones: $2:00-$4.00*

*All prices are quality-dependent

Biomass Drying Services at $0.50 per pound of biomass

Florida farming details: Farmers can only cultivate hemp seed that’s pilot program approved or AOSCA certified. For more information on cultivating hemp in Florida visit the FDACS website.

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