Green Point offers seeds, seed starts, and clones for sale throughout the southeast. 

Genetically Stable

Produced at either of our nurseries in either Colorado or Florida, Green Point seeds, seed starts, and clones will come with a guaranteed germination and feminization rate of at least 90%.

Prime for Planting

Our Sunshine Series consists of feminized hemp cultivars bred specifically for tropical and subtropical regions. With longer internodal spacing, smaller foliage/ leaf sets, and a fast blossom set, the Sunshine Series maximizes airflow through your field without sacrificing yield. 

Total THC Compliant

Our genetics have associated Certificates of Analyses (“COAs”) detailing the cannabinoid content of the plants. 

Pilot Project Approved Seeds

GPR cultivars, Fountain of Youth, a CBG strain, and Emerald Flower, a CBD strain, have received official approval and are now available for purchase. Additional CBD cultivars- Golden Sunset, Orange Blossom, Ruby Red, and Amazon, are expected to receive official approval in the very near future and can be pre-purchased for future delivery.

Green Point Research hemp plants in Hamilton Co. FL

Green Point Research’s Hamilton County Florida harvest in Fall 2020 was the State’s largest legal harvest in 80 years.  

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