Fox Business News at Green Point's Nursery

L-R: Holly Bell (FDACS Director of Cannabis), Robin P. Pate (Chief Marketing Officer), David Hasenauer (Chief Executive Officer), Ashley Webster (Fox Business News Anchor)

Fort Meade, FL, February 19, 2021— Hemp is making headlines across the nation as one of the country’s biggest economic and agricultural opportunities.  Green Point Hemp, an international phytocannabinoid-rich biomass originator and processor, hosted Fox Business News’ Ashley Webster included nursery operations in Fort Meade, Florida. Interviews with Green Point’s CEO, David Hasenauer, and Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) Director of Cannabis, Holly Bell, were held before the tour.  With a full day on site, Mr. Webster had plenty of time to dig into the weeds with questions about 2021’s hottest industry during Fox Business News’ coverage of the topic.  “How much money can farmers make growing hemp?” is one of the number one questions the team receives from inquiries from the media and agriculture partners alike.  The team shared perspective on the topic and showcased some of the ways farmers can maximize their efforts for the sustainable and profitable crop. Of course, it’s not simple answer as there are a lot of variables such as the cultivar, number of daylight hours, soil condition, irrigation, etc.  Holly Bell highlighted some of the hemp inquiries her team is fielding and shared the ease of the State’s renewal process, just one way her team, under the direction of Nikki Fried, is working to make the process easy for farmers to get involved.  View the video clip here: Fox Business News at Green Point Hemp.  Fox Business News coverage also included hemp tour highlights on Fox Business Radio.