Industrial Hemp Storage Bag

(Photo Credit: Green Point Research and Palmetto Industries)

June 30, 2020 — Fort Lauderdale, FL – Green Point Research (GPR), an international phytocannabinoid-rich biomass originator and processor, is proud to announce a partnership with Palmetto Industries International. Inc. (Palmetto) to develop and design an innovative new industry-standard hemp storage bag that prevents mold and mildew.

As the nascent hemp industry prepares for significant growth in the near future, establishing operating standards is increasingly important for the entire supply chain. While hemp is more resistant to illness than many other plants, it can be particularly susceptible to the absorption and retention of water after harvest. If the processing and storage conditions are not actively managed it is possible to develop a variety of diseases.  The proprietary weave design newly developed by GPR and Palmetto prevents the absorption of water and moisture in the stored hemp plants.

“The partnership with Palmetto Industries is a natural fit that strategically combines their packaging knowledge with our hemp operations expertise to create a technologically superior storage product for the market,” said Matt Turner, Chief Science Officer of Green Point Research. “Establishing this new standard for storage bags that traces each step in the life of the plant aligns with our ongoing mission to proactively serve the needs of farmers.”

The single-use hemp bags are 100% recyclable and are food safe certified (ISO22000), an internationally recognized designation for food safety and quality. Palmetto will launch a recycling program for farmers to easily return their bags and remain sustainable. The hemp bags will come in various sizes, including bulk bags, which are designed to hold over 500 pounds, aiding in the industry’s standardized storing and shipping needs. There will also be end-to-end visibility with blockchain tracking through the integration of QR codes to provide transparency of the plant supply chain from farm into storage, to dryer and finally to the processor.

“We are excited in this partnership with Green Point Research and know that working with a market leader will allow us to not only design and develop a superior packaging solution, but also ensure that the entire Hemp industry will have a sustainable and cost-effective end-to-end solution,” shared Shankar Balan, CEO of Palmetto Industries.

As farmers begin to enter the growing hemp industry, they will rely on trusted partners such as GPR and Palmetto Industries to aid them in incorporating best practices, navigating new challenges, and scaling their grow operations. By establishing a quality infrastructure from the ground up, we can ensure our commitment to always putting farmers first.

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About Green Point Research

Green Point Research (GPR) is a vertically integrated phytocannabinoid-rich biomass originator and processor founded in 2016. GPR controls its supply chain from seed to processing bulk cannabinoids for business to business sale. Satividol, a cannabidiol (CBD) softgel, is among the products the company produces. Contact Green Point Research at 954-500-HEMP to learn more about the Green Point Method™ and how to purchase hemp seeds, seed starts, and clones. For more information, please visit

About Palmetto Industries

Palmetto Industries International, Inc., headquartered in Augusta, Georgia, is a global manufacturer and distributor of flexible polymer packaging products. Established in 1994, Palmetto Industries is one of the largest suppliers of flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC’s) in North America and owns and operates a manufacturing center in India. Palmetto owns about 100,000 feet of global warehouse space and provides packaging solutions to customers throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.