Biomass Drying

Green Point Hemp’s proprietary biomass drying technology throughput is upwards of 8,000 input pounds per hour. Our North Florida Hamilton County headquarters is conveniently located within a day’s driving distance of all Southeast States and is less than one mile from Interstate 75.

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Due to our vertical integration, Green Point can offer consistent cannabinoid products. We can infuse products and serve as a price competitive resource.

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Multi Service Prep for Smokable Flower

Multi Service Prep for Smokable Flower

Green Point Hemp can hand dry, trim, and cure your smokable flower. Hand and machine trim available. Contact for details.

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Toll Processing & Other Services

Green Point Hemp leverages best-in-class extraction and refining technology to produce the highest quality bulk cannabinoids. Cannabinoid products all start out the same, on a hemp farm. As one of the Southeast’s largest extraction labs, Green Point has the capacity to handle your toll processing job. Our label can process bulk hemp material, as well as refine CBD, CBG, or other cannabinoid extracts. Toll processing allows farmers to continue doing what they do best, farming! Extracting bulk cannabinoids is a sophisticated, timely process that request expensive extraction equipment and scientific knowledge. Toll processing with Green Point allows farmers to derive the most profitable component of their biomass, bulk cannabinoid (CBD, CBG, CBN, etc.) extract, without any of the cost and risk associated with owning and operating an extraction laboratory. Green Point provides competitive pricing and total transparency throughout the process. Our aim is to ensure our farmers are getting the highest possible yield from their biomass, by producing high-quality finished products with the best possible prices for farmers.

We can process your material into a variety of forms including the following:
– Compliant Broad-Spectrum Distillate
– Full Spectrum Distillate

As part of Green Point’s toll processing, the company provides consulting on laboratory research, standard scientific laboratory processes, testing and analysis, and more. The original Green Point Method ™ developed by Green Point Research, was developed over years by trial and error and includes a “how-to” guide for growing hemp in Florida. It was engineered, in part, for the Florida climate and soil varieties. The Green Point Method ™ is compliant with federal and state regulations and includes consulting on testing and analysis.

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Toll Processing


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