Green Point Hemp is committed to the sustainability and integrity of all aspects of our hemp supply chain in which we operate. We strictly comply with applicable laws, operate in a fair and responsible manner, and strive to be a beneficial and constructive supply chain partner to our stakeholders. We address key aspects and concerns of the hemp industry and the farming and industrial communities in which we operate.

Green Point Hemp supports the communities and regions in which we operate by providing farmers access to the hemp industry and offering our employees a fair and safe working environment. Green Point Hemp further commits to supporting its farmer and employee communities through financial investments, programs, projects, and volunteer opportunities aligned with local business activities and the overall needs of the community.

Our company relies on sustainable natural resources, thriving ecological systems, and wholesome communities. To this end, Green Point Hemp strives to be the best partner to local and global citizens, as well as the governments that represent them.

Our team of hemp industry professionals shall develop local policies and programs, commit organizational resources, and educate our workforce to adhere to applicable laws, Green Point Hemp’s Code of Conduct and other compliance policies, and this Social Responsibility Policy. This policy will be regularly reviewed by the Green Point Hemp’s Board and amended as needed.

Download PDF version of our Social Responsibility Policy