Green Point Hemp is committed to the sustainability and integrity of all aspects of our hemp supply chain in which we operate. The foundation of our Sustainability & Supply Chain Integrity Policy consists of our strict compliance with applicable laws and Green Point Hemp’s comprehensive Code of Conduct and other compliance policies. Green Point Hemp is committed to the following main focus areas:

  • Sustainable Agricultural Practices — We shall develop and promote sound hemp production techniques and strategies which meet our clients’ needs, promote farmer profitability and support environmental sustainability, biodiversity, and resource conservation.
  • Efficient Manufacturing Practices — We shall develop, promote and use industry best practices to optimize production, create a safe working environment, improve energy efficiency and support environmental sustainability.
  • Environmental Protection — We shall comply with all environmental laws and regulations, analyze supply chain activities and cooperate with our supply chain partners to formulate and implement strategies to reduce the environmental impact of the hemp supply chain.
  • Health and Safety — We shall comply with all health and safety laws and regulations, create and maintain a safe working environment and encourage our supply chain partners to do the same.
  • Hemp Security and Integrity — We shall implement programs and strategies to enhance the security of hemp supply and promoting hemp quality throughout the supply chain.
  • Fair Labor Practices — We shall create opportunities for a qualified and diverse workforce at all levels of our organization, and to respect workers’ freedom of association and other labor rights as defined by applicable laws, help eliminate child labor and forced labor throughout the supply chain, and encourage farmers and communities to recognize and address labor issues.
  • Social Responsibility — We shall operate in a fair and responsible manner, strive to be a beneficial and constructive supply chain partner to our stakeholders, and address key aspects and concerns of the hemp industry and the farming and industrial communities in which we operate.

Our business supports the communities and regions in which we operate by providing local farmers access to the industrial hemp market, offering our employees a fair and safe working environment, and promoting sustainability in our communities and our farmers’ communities. Green Point Hemp is committed to supporting our customers, our farmers, our employees, our communities, and our business partners through ethical business practices.

Our team of hemp professionals shall develop policies and programs, commit organizational resources, and educate our workforce to adhere to applicable laws, Green Point Hemp’s Code of Conduct and other compliance policies, and this Sustainability & Supply Chain Integrity Policy. This policy will be regularly reviewed by the Green Point Hemp’s Board and amended as needed.

Download PDF version of our Sustainability & Supply Chain Integrity Policy